The List

“When I used to read fairy tales, I fancied that kind of thing never happened, and now here I am in the middle of one!” 

Lewis Carrol

Hello, and welcome to Jessi’s 30 Before 30 Bucket List! I’m not sure how you found this page, but if it was by accident, I’m sure you’re thinking: “WTF is this and what am I doing here?” Well, that’s where this little blurb will come in handy:

  • I’m Jessi, which thanks to modern times, is all I’m going to disclose right here!
  • I’m a 29 years-old, born October 6th, 1990 (Libra sun, Taurus moon, Capricorn rising)
  • Born and raised in Kansas City, MO and recently (September 2018) moved to Sacramento, CA
  • Operations Engineer (behind-the-scenes) at a local television station
  • Corgi mom to Tails, who was named after Tails the Fox and also does not have a tail

Of course, if you decide to stay with me on this journey, you’ll be learning so much more about me personally. As for this list, that’s a whole different chapter of my life that started a couple years ago when I was still living in Kansas City. My best friend, Kat, and I were planning a trip to Southern California. While trying to figure out all the things we were going to do, our list just kept getting bigger and since we really were mostly just being best friends shooting the shit, she told me about the 30 Before 30 Bucket List she had heard of. Just 30 things you really want to do, before your 30th birthday. Technically, this list started then and if I stayed on that particular list, I would already have a couple things checked off. When rewriting after my 29th birthday, I felt it wasn’t fair to keep the things I already did and to just replace those few with new goals. Some things are things I’ve always wanted to do, and some are more recent goals, while some are things I just really need to get done and having them here really makes me accountable and more inspired to get them DONE. Having a Bucket List in general is inspiring to me to keep on living, as morbid as it sounds. I want to be excited for the next chapter of my life, which I believe will be my time to shine. Growing up is a weird journey, and it isn’t always the best or brightest, but it is always worth it.

So, welcome to my 30 Before 30 Bucket List. Welcome to this year of my life, and welcome on the journey I’m about to take. I hope you feel inspired to make a similar bucket list if you’re almost 30, or just to start on any bucket list item at any age because it’s never, ever too late.

learn Japanese I’ve always wanted to learn a second language, but I never paid much attention in high school Spanish because I actually wanted to take French and ultimately, Japanese. Japan has been a dream destination of mine ever since America’s Next Top Model: Season 3 when Tyra Banks took the girls to Japan. I just happened to be at the height of my teenage anime phase so the timing was perfect, but seeing the country through the current culture at the time really cemented my love of the country then. I hear Japan is a very English friendly country, but not being completely lost in translation when I finally get there would be ideal.

learn ukulele As a kid, I really wanted to learn how to drum. So, I was handed down my sisters saxophone and when my jackass self said “ew gross I want a COOL instrument”, I was finally enrolled in… guitar lessons. I wasn’t too bad, but I also thought I could get into sports. (There are a lot of things I facepalm really hard at looking back on in my childhood that was super cool, but I stopped doing because I thought being on the basketball team was more important. But, I digress.) Now that I’m living on my own and no longer have my guitar, I do have a ukulele and all the desire to finally learn an instrument to go along with my audio skills.

learn to sew To be more specific, Learn on a Sewing Machine. My hand sewing could use some work, of course, but asking me to make the same thing with my hands vs machine will yield VERY different results. I ordered some merchandise from my favorite band, blink-182, that included underwear and it was just… so much smaller than any normal pair of underwear should be for adults. So, I did what any normal person would do: cut the crotch out and made a purse out of them. It gave me a great idea for a line of underwear purses, with a Toms-like initiative to donate a pair of underwear to those in need with every purse bought. However, I’ve come across a huge snag in that process: I don’t know how to use a sewing machine. By October’s time I’m hoping to be fluent enough to have some purses started, but the main goal for the sake of this bucket list is to add an elastic band onto a shirt I’ll crop.

get a Zoom recorder I graduated college with a major in Broadcasting, emphasis in audio. The main love of my life is doing live sound work for bands, but any environment with an audio board usually makes me pretty happy. The purpose of the recorder is listed later in this list, so we’ll leave this for then.

headshots I was bullied pretty mercilessly, and it gave me extreme self-confidence/-esteem issues growing up, and now that I know I’m incredibly good looking, why not try to make other people see it?

go blonde I’ve been almost every single hair color you can think of. I’ve never been blonde longer than a couple days because I didn’t have the right dye for the main color I was going for; it’s also never been bleached properly, so this process will be long for my dark brown roots.

mystery tattoo I have so many tattoos that I know I want, that it’s kind of overwhelming. It only makes sense to get a tattoo that you don’t know what it will be, doesn’t it?

finish back tattoo I started my back piece last January and only had one other session on it last year. Since I was planning on being further along in the process by now, I’m putting it on the list to make sure I get it done.

skydive I have to do something that completely terrifies me and risks my life, right? Right.

fun run I hate running. I despise running. There is literally anything else I’d rather do, than run. Yet, for some reason, telling me that I get to run through colorful bubbles that will dye my clothes and skin? Fine, let’s run.

hike a mountain Growing up in Kansas City, MO meant there weren’t many opportunities to go hike a mountain. The few times I’ve been to Colorado, we drove on the mountains instead of any type of walk/hike, so now I feel is the time to actually walk myself up a mountain because nature is neat.

Las Vegas rollercoasters One of my earliest memories is being at Disney World with my family, but I didn’t like roller coasters then and I cried the entire time on Tower of Terror. Now, I LOVE roller coasters and if I had the opportunity to ride every single roller coaster ever, I would. Since I’m not sure if I’ll have that luxury, let’s go on the ones in Americas Adult Playground.

San Diego Zoo As a vegan, I understand that I’m supposed to hate zoos, but to be completely honest: I’m still very torn on zoos. The San Diego Zoo has been a place I’ve wanted to visit ever since I was a child, and if I was better at math and science I would have tried to become a zookeeper wanting to work here. This will probably end up being the last zoo for me, but since it’s been a goal since my childhood and it’s plausible with me living on the West Coast, I have to go.

meet a sloth Sloths are on my list of top favorite animals and there is nothing I want more than to hold one.

surf lessons There aren’t any oceans in the midwest.

pole dance workout I fully believe sex workers are some of the hardest working members of our society due to the nature of their work and the harassment they receive from people outside of the community. Before I digress again and send this list in a completely different direction than any of us were thinking, I have heard (and honestly, haven’t we all seen?) that the Pole Dance routine is the best workout routine. The amount of strength, from your legs to core to upper body, needed is absolutely insane and I would honestly think that alone should give them the respect they deserve.

visit animal sanctuary Being from the BBQ Capitol of the world, I grew up eating a LOT of meat. I went vegan for a weekend for a friend, and since then I’ve never been able to eat red meat without getting sick again. It’s now turned to fully plant-based, and I’m honestly very proud of myself. That being said, I need to kick my own ass and say sorry to these guys who thankfully got saved.

get Final Cut Pro & Logic Pro These are EXPENSIVE programs that I’ll be saving up for, but knowing that I have them for myself and can do more editing that I can with free programs makes my heart happy.

escape room Usually the thought of working in a stressful environment in a small room with multiple people while being timed gives me anxiety, but just like the Fun Run, I feel like adding a theme to it makes it all better.

San Francisco CorgiCon My corgi, Tails, is the love of my life. She really is the Tails to my Sonic, but I haven’t really been able to travel with her. She turned seven at the start of December, so I think taking her to the San Francisco beach to play with other corgis would be perfect for us both.

CUPPING THERAPY My back and shoulders hurt a lot due to always sitting and having to look around at multiple screens at various angles for my job, so I figured if this is good enough for Olympic athletes, it should be good for a 29-year-old workaholic, right?

thermally straighten hair I have naturally curly hair and I… hate it. Everyone else loves it, but I’ve never been able to style properly and to me, it isn’t worth it. I’d much rather spend the chunk of money for this treatment (plus Olaplex treatment) than keep having to worry about the heat damage from a hair straightener and my not holding and re-curling.

hold Crow Pose for 30 seconds I love yoga. It is the workout I am always willing to do. But, my balance still sucks. I’ve been doing this practice for years (on and off), and some days I can hold better than others, but I’m still super embarrassed by my lack of balance and strength at times. Crow pose has been the most difficult pose for me to even learn how to do, so now that I (kind of) know how get in the pose, I want to HOLD it. For 30 seconds, because I’m turning 30. It’s like a theme, or something.

pay off credit cards Thankfully my debt isn’t as large as some peoples I’ve heard of, but I still don’t like having it and would really rather not carry this with me into this next chapter of my life.

finish Kingdom Hearts I love video games, but I’m also really, really bad at them. I did finish the first Kingdom Hearts when it was still relatively new, but I never finished the second one with the release of the third one, I only started over. So, in my free time, I’m going to try and get the trilogy finished.

new passport My car got broken into a few years ago on New Years Eve in Kansas City, and I accidentally left my purse in my car while I was working. It was a fun surprise to come back to, and it took me WEEKS to realize my Passport was in my purse. So, this really is just to remind me to get a new Passport finally.

freelance Foley work The reason for my Zoom. Besides LIVE sound, I love creating the thing and editing the thing in post. I miss the work I did in college for audio projects, and if I could create a freelance business from refinding that love, that would just be the icing on top of it.

voice over reel Anyone who has met me in person knows for sure: I am LOUD. My natural volume is LOUD, my indoor voice is LOUD, my loud voice is EXCRUCIATING. But, it’s cute. And so is my laugh. And so are the random voices I can make. So, I’m going to use my unique voice to my advantage.

make YouTube video After discovering Jenna Marbles, I toyed with the idea of creating a YouTube channel but my anxiety got in the way and I never did. I really wish I would have just done it, so let’s film this list, how about?

go to Hawaii Besides Japan, there’s no place else I’d rather go than Hawaii. This year will all about saving up, getting the tickets, and then on October 5th, 2020: we land in Hawaii.

Thanks for keeping up! It’s going to be a busy, but fun, year. I literally cannot put my excitement into words, so let’s get this started.


Published by Jessi

Midwest transplant in California working on finishing 30 things on my bucket list before my 30th birthday.

2 thoughts on “The List

  1. Hi! I’m a fellow October birthday gal in Sacramento too. I love “bucket lists” and reading how people keep life interesting. I was browsing blogs and came across yours. Wanted to drop a note to say hello and great list! looking forward to how you start the adventures of being 30.
    You should look at Wild Bills tattoo-a-thon. Happens in February, and all money spent for tattoos goes to UC Davis Children’s hospital. So, you get a tattoo and also help kids. win-win. That was one of my bucket list goals a couple years ago.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sounds super awesome, I have one tattoo already that went towards charity, and I’d definitely love to add more of those to my collection as well! Thanks so much for the information, and for your kind words!

      Liked by 1 person

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