The Mystery Tattoo

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”

H.P. Lovecraft

One of my life goals is be a heavily tattooed person. I love art, and having permanent art on my body makes me beyond happy. I’ve been working a lot on my skin lately, that it’s become kind of overwhelming. I know there are some people on my life (hi, mom and dad!) that would love for that to mean I’m at a stopping point, but of course I’m not! Sometimes, you just need someone else to plan something for you, so why not make it a literal life-lasting surprise?

I have no judgement towards people who don’t have tattoos, whether it be for job purposes, personal reasons, fear of needles, or a fear of commitment. I remember before I started getting tattoos myself, saying to myself: “I’ll ONLY get tattoos that have meaning!” My very first tattoo was a mustache on my finger. I really stuck hard to that plan, didn’t I? The more tattoos I started getting, the more I realized that sometimes, you just want something that has no meaning besides making you smile whenever you see it. I say this, and I’m usually met with negative feedback, but one of the best parts of life is taking the seriousness out of something and just doing it. The point of my tattoos are to make me happy, and despite being told that I’ll regret them, I still don’t have one I regret. I have so many things that were never part of my plans, some things from my plans that had to be changed, and a LOT of nixed ideas from my life-list of tattoos. One of the best quotes I’ve seen about tattoos is “if your body is a temple, you might as well stain the glass”.

With this particular shop, you’re given three options: a $60 design, $80 design, or $100 design with the option of a $20 charge to re-draw if you don’t like your choice. On the off chance I was getting a design I wouldn’t get excited about having, I decided to go with the $80 design. Thankfully, I LOVED the design pulled. I had never really been drawn to any kind of butterfly tattoo, but I loved how the design reminded me of an Oni, a demon of Japanese folklore. I have various themes for different parts of my body, and right away I knew it would make a great addition to my black and grey work leg. I almost went for the back of the knee, but remembered an idea that will possibly need the whole back of my thigh, so I decided on the front. It fit so perfectly by the gasmask I have already, it really was like the design was meant for me.

I have absolutely no regrets about getting a mystery tattoo, and maybe next year I’ll grab a design from the other selections and see what else ends up on my temple.

SHOP American Graffiti Tattoo | ARTIST Chops

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