The YouTube Video

“When I looked at life through the camera, I felt like I could finally see it.”

Katherine Howe

Being a 90’s baby, I’ve been through countless technological advancements. The most fascinating, to me, being the internet and the ways we’ve learned to communicate with people around the world and in our own backyards. Many people like to knock the millennial generation by the amount of time we spend on our phones especially, without taking into the consideration the countless things one can do with that brick of wires and glass in their hand. Of course the internet isn’t always the cheeriest of places, but with the good comes the bad and I still believe there’s a lot more good out there.

One of these places where a lot of debate happens over the state of the internet is YouTube. The first video to ever be posted on the video sharing site happened in April 23, 2005, by the site’s co-founder. I was 15 at the time, getting my entertainment from Ebaum’s World (The End of the World, Potter Puppet Pals, and The One Ring To Rule Them All to name a few), so to me, YouTube wasn’t that big of a revelation. Honestly, I probably thought less of it since it was your own footage, like I wanted to see someone else’s home movie? No, thank you. Of course, we all know what YouTube has become, and you think back to those moments and remember your condescending nature like “huh, I guess that could have been something”.

Filming any kind of video for YouTube “fame” didn’t become an idea to me until I entered college in the fall of 2009. A dorm-mate I quickly befriended had her own camera, and we would film little clips of the “Hudson Hall Hunter”, named after our dorm and me doing a terrible Australian accent and making commentary on late-night happenings in our dorm. It never went anywhere due to our lives becoming so busy, and me accidentally getting drunk and spilling Mountain Dew on her laptop (sorry, roomie ☹️).

Being a broadcasting student, I have put videos on YouTube, but they were only projects and nothing I voluntarily made for the platform. Especially since graduating, the thought of “becoming a YouTube star” as I got older just seemed more ridiculous as the years went on. Who would want to watch an almost-30-year-old try to become the next Jenna Marbles? “Act like an adult and move on,” read the imaginary comments in my head, psyching myself out before ever even taking the plunge. Anxiety works in weird ways, and it’s very loud and very persuasive. In a way, I am glad I ended up waiting as long as I have to finally take a dive into this pool. I know a lot of people can agree that they are also their own worst critics, and in the past few years my self-esteem has taken some hits and I honestly don’t know how any negative comments could have affected me. Now, I know anything negative is a just a simple opinion that really holds nothing against me, but everything against them. My journey isn’t going to be for everyone, and I’m sure there are a lot of things people want to scream at me for wanting to do, which is why I highly encourage anyone who wants to do something similar, to DO IT! If you’re scared no one will be there to support you, this is your friendly reminder you already have two fans: yourself and me.

I decided to release this video on January 1st, 2020, because I’m a sucker for the New Year and the symbolism it holds. I fully agree that any time is a great time to change your life, but the New Year is like that spa day at the end of a stressful week: a reset from the norm. The holidays can be an especially depressing time for some, and I find joy in realizing how close a reset is on its way to arriving. Even though I started things on this list before the start of the new year, almost all of it is happening in 2020 and since I’m an October baby, only a couple months between when I turned 29 and the start of the New Years, and we all know how busy the holidays can be, bucket list website/blog/vlog or not. The symbolism just felt right for kicking off the New Year, and the last year in my 20’s.

So, I hope you enjoy my first YouTube video. I’m currently using iMovie for my video editing, and Audacity for audio editing with royalty free music and sound effects. Chops, my tattoo artist for The Mystery Tattoo also got some footage, and thankfully he gave them to me to add to the video. I haven’t done any editing in a few years (and none with iMovie), and it feels so good to get back into. I was not aware of the time limit that YouTube places on unverified accounts, so The List is broken up into two parts with The Mystery tattoo video scheduled to be released shortly (so you can get right to it when you’re done with the first two!).

THE LIST – Part 1THE LIST – Part 2

7% complete

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Midwest transplant in California working on finishing 30 things on my bucket list before my 30th birthday.

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