The Blondie

“Picasso had his pink period and his blue period. I am in my blonde period right now.”

High Hefner

Growing up, my parents very strict. Something I was always told I was never allowed to do, was color my hair – unnatural or natural. There were times when I got highlights when I begged for a change, but that was usually all. So, like all children of strict parents, once I got to college and was no longer living under their roof, it was time for my virgin hair to pop its cherry. I actually did sneak dye my hair a shade darker while in high school, and of course told my mom I used some sort of darken ing shampoo (another condition of strict-parenting), but when I added the first pink streak to my hair, I never wanted normal colored hair again.

Ever since, I’ve been almost any all shades. Being a “former” emo kid, I wanted to do every color Hayley Williams did. The bright red was hands down my favorite, and I had started a system of having my brown hair during the fall/winter, and my bright red during the spring/summer seasons. Eventually, it became a year round thing, and then I cut my hair into a pixie cut. For some reason, I just didn’t think the red looked as good on my short hair as it did when my hair was long. This was an added reason onto the eventual hair-chopping regret I gained a couple weeks after doing it, and by that time, I had decided to take it to the next step: shaving my sides. I mostly styled my short hair into a faux-hawk, so at this point I had said “fuck it” and shaved both sides. This was at the time when the one-sided-head-shave was a big trend, but I knew having only one side done would bother me, so I went and hacked both away. With having less hair than I ever had (didn’t have?) before, this was where I started experimenting with ALL the colors. Around this time was also when Hayley Williams created her hair color line, GoodDyeYoung, so I stocked my online cart up and started testing colors. I loved everything on the blue and green spectrum, but pink ultimately had my heart. I kept my pink mohawk for as long as I could, but eventually, my hair was just… fried. There was no life in it, the ends were trashed, and it just wasn’t vibrant, despite being bright pink. At this point, I decided it was time to face what I used to think was my biggest fear: shaving it all off.

After the shave (July 2018), I told myself that I would NOT add anything damaging to my hair before my 30th birthday. This meant I would have almost two years of not brightly coloring my hair, but for the health of my hair, I decided it was worth it. With going fully blonde, I discussed the process we would be doing with my hair stylist and worked in a way that wouldn’t fully damage my hair to the point where it’s going to stop growing until I shave it again.


I can’t remember how old I was the last time I had highlights put in my hair, but it was a process I didn’t forget. It’s long and monotonous, but much better than throwing bleach all over and letting it strip everything.

Mid-session 1
After the first session of highlights

I was way more impressed with the results than I thought I would be, since I just imagined myself going lighter with different results and was paranoid of what could go wrong during the process. Thankfully, with shaving my head in July of 2018, my hair was extremely healthy, but it still was virginal. When I discovered, I ordered myself a thing of Overtone Color shampoo/deep conditioner, but for brown hair. I was missing my red, and was real curious to see what color I could achieve with their line for brown hair. I, personally, wasn’t a huge fan of the auburn-y color I had, and just let it wash out from there.


When I showed up for my second color appointment, I wasn’t sure if we would do another round of highlights or just go for it and bleach it all. Given how well my hair lifted the first session, we decided to just go for it. I figured worst case scenario, I have purple shampoo and conditioner to help me with any issues that could arise before needing to add more bleach for evening the color out. Since I only used one coloring additive since shaving my head, we discovered a little bit of a pinkish hue wanted to stick around on the ends. Needing a cut anyways, we got the majority of them off and were more than impressed with the results. I was expecting a total of three sessions to get me to this point, but we were able to achieve the platinum status I was going for in just two. When I’m back from my trip to San Diego for the Zoo, I’ll be going through one more minor all-over bleach to really get everything the same, platinum blonde that my roots really took hold of. All the purple-infused supplies I’ve used since going blonde have helped tremendously, but I don’t expect them to take out the full pink-ness that just wants to hang on.

And, when I decide I am done being fully blonde, then I guess it’s just time to return to pink. Or maybe blue… Possibly red.

20% complete

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Midwest transplant in California working on finishing 30 things on my bucket list before my 30th birthday.

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